My OMAD Journey Begins

So I am a 50 year old SAHM to two teenage girls and have always struggled with my weight. Over the last few years I’ve managed to lose 55 lbs, but I still have 20 to go to get to my goal weight of 135 lbs which is the weight I was when I got married 20 years ago. Most recently, I’ve been doing Intermittent Fasting and lost 20 pounds in the last year. Unfortunately, I’ve plateaued for the last 6 months and have been trying to decide how to get the scale moving again.  

(Photo: left top-210 lbs in 2008; middle top-my 50th bday in 2018; left bottom & right pic-153 lbs in October 2018.)

I’ve been very inconsistent so it’s hard to know what’s working and what’s not but I’ve decided to commit to a plan for one year.  After that, if I’m still not losing I can reassess.  Here’s my plan:

  • 21/3 Mon-Friday
  • Saturday & Sunday 19/5
  • Exercise-15 mins of cardio; 5 mins of weights or calisthenics. 
  • Drinks allowed-tea with stevia & Almond milk okay.
  • Food-nothing off limits; no counting of calories, carbs, etc. 
  • Expand window for social events as needed. Just make a plan beforehand and stick with it.
  • Weigh most days & keep a weekly average.

I’m nervous but excited to finally have a set plan. I’ve been all over the place fasting anywhere from 10-45 hours with an average of about 20 hrs/day. My only concern is that my metabolism will adjust and I’ll plateau but I really feel like if I’m patient I’ll be able to ride it out. Tomorrow is day one! 

Here’s what I wrote in my journal earlier today:

“156.6 lbs

Ate a ridiculous amount today. Felt very manic all day. Just no end to the eating and I was all over the place. One minute I’m agreeing to do ADF with this one group of women (on fb), the next I’m thinking about signing up for a coaching session. I really need to stick to a plan for awhile. I’m just so scattered. The good thing about the NoS diet was I always knew what I was doing for the most part.

If this continues I’m going to gain all my weight back. Is this how it starts?

I honestly can’t remember everything I ate today but I do know it started with pancakes and ended with tater tots. 🤦🏼‍♀️

I think I might start a blog about my IF journey to help keep me motivated. “

7 thoughts on “My OMAD Journey Begins

  1. Hello Linda!
    I know this is a tricky time of year to start OMAD, but, really, the overall feeling of accomplishment is amazing EVERY day!


  2. Try Keto diet with your IF plan so it curbs your appetite and you regain control over the cravings again. I lost a lot of weight doing clean eating a few years ago and did not make it a lifestyle and gained all the weight back and more. I could kick myself for not sticking with something that worked! I would encourage you to get back on track so you don’t undo all your wonderful weight loss. Kayla Cox walks six miles a day and really sticks to OMAD and a cheat day, but she’s at her goal weight and has found her plan is working so far to not gain back. She also weighs everyday and doesn’t allow more than a 5 lb gain. What I particularly like about OMAD is that I feel more in control because my appetite is cut, and it’s made it much easier to stick with it. I’ve lost 35lbs since around the end of August and started Keto and OMAD in October. I don’t want diabetes and got a lot of eye opening incentive from Dr. Fung’s YouTube videos.


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