Day 2

(Big Bear Lake 2018)

Today was a little crazy. With the holidays and my girls pre-winter vacation activities there’s just a lot going on and I tend to get overwhelmed easily. My eating was also chaotic but that’s okay.

I had a cookie exchange at 1 o’clock today and I decided to go ahead and eat. Since Kayla and I decided I would just switch to basically a 16/8 on days I have a lunch obligation, I decided to give myself the option to eat if I wanted. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do but once I saw the hostess was serving wine, my decision was made.

(Photo: Hawaii in 2015)

Unfortunately, the day just turned into a snackfest. I ate a lot of cookies, some snacky food but no real meals today. I really don’t enjoy that but it was nice to partake in the social festivities. This has to be sustainable and Dr. Fung always says to make the fasting fit your life, not the other way around so that’s what I’m trying to do. It’s hard right now because my weight is up right. My instinct is to fast extra long and make everything extra hard but that’s likely not to work in the long run so for now patience.



Weight-159.2 lbs (yikes!)

Several cookies, cheese & crackers, glass of wine

Chips, a tamale

Exercise: was a crazy day running around so wasn’t able to find the time.

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