Day 3

Exciting day for my baby girl!

Today was an exciting day in our household. My youngest daughter, Talia, got her braces off and my older daughter, Zoe, had her last day of school before Winter Break. I took them both out to lunch so I ended having another 2mad day. I really don’t like have two 2mad days in a row but I’m still following my plan so it’s okay. Just that time of year when there’s a lot of social situations to contend with but things will calm down soon enough. Besides, we went one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants, The Coronado. They make the best cauliflower tacos and it’s in this old funky house downtown. Lots of charm and coolness factor.

(Photo: Cauliflower Tacos from The Coronado in downtown Phoenix.)

Things are so crazy right now with the holidays and everything that goes with that. I’ve barely had time to clean my house or do laundry and it’s stressing me out a bit. I did find time to make myself a nice chai tea that enjoyed while watching The Office with my girls.

All an all it was a good day but I’m looking forward to getting back to OMAD tomorrow. In fact I shouldn’t have any other events that will take me away from OMAD till Christmas Day. My weight was down a little but a I’m worried that I won’t lose any weight on this plan. I guess we will have to wait and see. Patience.


Fast: 17/7

Weight: 157.2 (Still high! I was 150.2 just a few weeks ago)

Food: Lunch–2 cauliflower tacos, chai tea

Snack–pickles, handful of nuts, tea

Dinner–1 piece of goat cheese strata, broccoli with brown butter.

Dessert-1 biscotti with tea

Exercise: none :/

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