Day 4


I got my haircut today and it always gives me a boost in my self-confidence. Not only do I feel good about my appearance but my hairdresser always showers me with compliments. She’s known me when I was 210 lbs and has been with me throughout my entire weight loss journey. She probably doesn’t realize this but her encouragement really helped to keep my motivation up at times.

As I was sitting in styling chair today, I thought back to a time when I refused to even look in the mirror and let me tell you that was quite a feat. And now here I am taking selfies. Who would have thought? I’m forever grateful for my hairdresser’s kindness. For awhile the only time I felt good about myself was on haircut day. It’s definitely nice to be able to feel good on my own now but haircut days are still particularly special.

I had serious Appetite Correction today and wasn’t able to eat much. Also, the salad that I always get at Chipotle just didn’t taste good today. It’s interesting how ones taste can change on Intermittent Fasting. If you haven’t read Appetite Correction by Bert Herring, I highly recommend it.

Tikka and Tessa

(Photo: My fur babies Tikka & Tessa. )

Finally got a chance to walk my fur babies this morning. They ask for so little and give so much. The least I can do do is take them for a little walk. Besides the weather is beautiful in Arizona right now. Today was 70 degrees with clear skies. I’m hoping to get in some hiking this weekend.

Fast: 23/1.5

Weight: 156.2 lbs


Tea latte

Yogurt, fruit, nuts

1/2 chicken salad, couple of chips

8 peppermint kisses

Exercise: walked dogs 25 mins

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