Day 6

(Photo: Sunrise while I was biking along the canal. I used to get up every morning at the crack of dawn. What happened to this girl?)

I found this photo while going through all my pictures as I was trying to make room on my phone. I have a serious storage problem. I ended up getting rid of over 400 pictures. Looking through all those photos of my past life had a strange effect on me, however. Do you ever feel jealous of your own life? That’s how I felt while looking through my old pictures of ski trips, beach vacations, our trip to Alaska and all those delicious dinners out with friends. Sitting on the couch watching 90 day fiancé and drinking wine just doesn’t compare. I guess it’s time to plan something fun to do. I’m thinking two weeks camping along the coast of Oregon this summer.

Today was nice but uneventful. I did however convince my 15 year old to walk the dogs with me. Was a beautiful, perfect day and we laughed at all the mischief our furry friends got themselves into with neighborhood dogs and cats jumping out of bushes and tangled leashes. Not exactly relaxing but fun nonetheless. My oldest daughter is going through a bit of a hard time right now with her first break-up ever so I’m really trying to spend as much time with her as possible. High school can be a rough time, but I know she’ll be fine.

(Photo: Zoe getting ready for a dance last year.)

My Fast

According to my plan, I’m doing 19/5 on Saturday and Sundays just to give me a little bit of a break on the weekends. Kayla had talked to me about doing a “cheat day” or a day off but I find those don’t work so well for me. I tend to just graze all day long and end up feeling sick by the evening. It’s just not enjoyable to me plus my weight is up so much the next day and can take a few days to come back down which can be discouraging. The longer windows work better for me. I get a little break but I don’t feel out of control.

I did pretty well. I had a snack and then a meal around 3:30 and didn’t want much more after that. I closed my window at 7pm but then I really wanted a glass of wine so went ahead and had one. Maybe I need to write that into my plan for the weekends. I need to be realistic.

My weight is steady. It really seems to just want to stay between 154-156 lbs. Not sure if I’ll be able to get below that. We shall see!

19/5 (but a glass of wine outside of my window.)


Current: 155 lbs

Highest weight: 210 lbs

Weight starting IF: 175 lbs

Short-term goal weight: 154 lbs

Long-term goal weight: 135 lbs


Cottage cheese, fruit, nuts, 1/4 bagel

Turkey sandwich, bbq chips, chai

Few pieces of chocolate, glass of wine

Exercise: walked 2 miles

Time for bed! My plan for tomorrow is 19/5 and maybe some light weights.

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