Day 7

(Photo: Tessa so happy to be finally coming home from the groomers.)

Despite my best intentions, taking Tessa to the groomers was about the only thing I accomplished today. Well I did make my kids chocolate chip pancakes and finish all the laundry so there’s that, but other than that, it was definitely a lazy Sunday.

I was hungrier than normal but managed to wait till 2pm to eat. It definitely feels good to finally be consistent with my plan. However, as I was listening to Kayla’s new podcast (, I did start to wonder if exercise was the missing piece for me. That’s one thing I really haven’t figured out and it’s been very hit or miss. I know Kayla doesn’t attribute much of her success to the walking part of her plan, but I can’t help wonder if it would help.

For awhile I was training for a mud run and really enjoying it but after learning about all the various injuries that commonly take place during those races, I really lost my motivation. When I thought about it, walking really does make the most sense. I can do it anywhere and with very little equipment. I can even walk in my house if needed. We’ve got a fairly large one story house so there’s really no excuses.

(Photo: Even Tessa gets tired walking down this long hallway.)

Because I’m completely unoriginal, I’m just going to adopt Kayla’s plan of 14k steps. Hey, seems to be working for her. I have a cheap pedometer but may need to upgrade at some point. We’ll see how it goes.


Fast: 18/5


Today’s weight: 155 lbs

Highest weight: 210 lbs

Weight starting IF: 175 lbs

Goal weight: 135 lbs

Short-term goal: 154 lbs


Nuts, fruit, smoothie, veggie patty

Asian chicken salad, bread

Few pieces of chocolate, glass of wine

Exercise: none :/

One thought on “Day 7

  1. Awwww!! Tessa is soooo cute!!! And your home looks beautiful! I think walking would be the most convenient way to exercise too. I do go to the gym, and all 2018 I worked with a PT, but this year I want to try Callanetics that I used to do before. And maybe 5 Tibetan Rites too.


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