Day 8

This is what happens when we try to take Tessa on a long walk–one of us ends up carrying her halfway into the walk. Oh well, I did get in my 14k steps according to my pedometer, but I feel like it’s overly generous. Maybe I need to invest in something more accurate like a Fitbit?

Well today wasn’t so great but not horrible either. Just little things adding up–financial stress, my weight, sassy teenagers. You know how it goes. Then to top it off when my girls and I were getting our nails done, the woman doing my nails asked if I was the girls mom OR grandmother? What?! I did have my girls a bit older at 35 and 37 but I’ve never had anyone ask me that before. People usually mistaken me for being younger than I am so this was a bit of a blow.

Oh well. It could be worse. Christmas makes me a bit grumpy too to be honest. It’s not easy being Jewish during this time of year especially here in Arizona. It’s not fun feeling like an outsider but all and all it’s not a big deal. We usually have Chinese food and go to the movies but this year our neighbors invited us over so my husband and I will go over there after we take our girls to the airport. They’re going to Los Angeles to visit their grandparents. I’m looking forward to a little break.

I did fairly well with my OMAD but did have a few extra pieces of chocolate and a stray glass of wine outside my window. I’m not going to stress about it. Sometimes I wonder if I should even bother trying to lose anymore weight. Would it really increase my happiness that much? I don’t know. It would make shopping more fun though right?

Oh well, just a bit of an off day but tomorrow will be better, I’m sure.



Pears, pickles, nuts, tea latte

Cincinnati spaghetti chili ( , chips, glass of wine

Chocolate, glass of wine

(Photo: Forgot to take a pic of the food but here’s my pot being filled.)

Exercise: 15k steps

Weight: 156.8 lbs 😏

2 thoughts on “Day 8

  1. Did you celebrate Hanukkah? It is done over a few days, isn’t it? We are Hindus, so technically Christmas is not our festival. But I have fun celebrating it, so have always celebrated. I like the tree, the food, buying gifts :D, and the lights. Kind of like our “Diwali” when we light up the whole place.

    About the person who wondered if you were mom or grandmom, I have realized that the IQ of many is way way way below par :P. For example…here is a picture of me and my daughter from yesterday:

    Do I look 80 years old? LOL!! So, my dad is 80+. He is blind too. We all went out to visit some place where we needed tickets. My whole family – husband, kids, my friends etc. And me and my dad. So the woman at the counter said — “So…10 regular tickets and 2 senior citizen tickets?” She pointed to me and my dad for the senior citizens. Is that how I look? LOL!!

    Now WORSE: One day my dad fell really sick, so we had to call 911. I went with him to the ER. The doctor there asked if I was my dad’s wife!!!

    So I have decided that many people have really really low IQ…and I have no idea how some of them even become doctors. hahahaha!! I am absolutely sure that I do not look 80 + years old.

    And you look GORGEOUS! Really. Not trying to be “nice”. When I first saw your pictures, I thought — wow!! She looks amazing…does she really need to lose weight?

    About your weight loss — no it will not make you happier. Lose weight only if you are overweight. I have battled depression for many years. I have learned how to manage it well. I have learned tools. And help others deal with depression too. So I have learned that losing weight will not make one happier. But setting goals, accomplishing, that does help me and others feel happy. It is the feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment that helps me. So in that way weight loss as a goal, and getting to it does make me happy. Feeling healthier makes me happy. But then so will any other way of feeling like I have “done” something worthwhile.

    Today you are feeling upset mostly because of that woman’s grandmother comment. And I know how that feels. Been there more times than the two I mentioned above. The way to let it go is to just accept that some people are just not that perceptive or smart. That’s all. You are a GORGEOUS woman. You look amazing. Don’t let her words wound you.


    1. Oh thank you SO much for your kind words. The fact that somebody mistook you for a senior citizen is so absurd that it did actually make me feel better. I think you’re right, some people are just clueless & probably do not really see most people.

      I’m feeling a little discouraged right now but I’m not giving up. Thank you for your endless support and encouragement. I can see that you must be good at helping people. That’s a gift.

      (We do celebrate Hanukkah & had a lovely holiday this year. My frustration is just that people around here just assume everyone celebrates Xmas. Just a small irritation. Not a huge deal.)


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