Day 17

Finally found a moment to sit down and post. We went to Los Angeles for a few days and had a lovely time. I really miss being near family and was a good reminder that we’re not alone. We do have people that love us and care about us. Sometimes I forget that we’ve got a solid clan and they’ve got our backs.

We stayed with Jon’s mom and she has such a lovely home. It feels so cozy and safe. Now if she’d just get a new mattress in the guest bedroom, life would be perfect but oh well.

We had a lovely time visiting family, going to the stunning Getty Museum and going out to dinner. I finally got to visit my 94 year old aunt whose recovering from a stroke. She was so happy to see us, it brought tears to my eyes. It’s still hard for her to communicate clearly but my daughter played piano for her on her beautiful old steinway and she was clearly moved. I’m so glad we visited her.

We got back on the 31st and Jon announced that he wanted to go vegetarian over our NYE dinner. Both Talia & Zoe are already vegetarian so I decided to hop on board as well. It’ll make cooking dinner and choosing restaurants much easier. I’m excited!

I made a bunch of New Year’s resolutions including a 5 year plan. Basically I want to be doing more with my life. I really don’t feel as if I’ve been living up to my full potential but I do have two amazing kids so it hasn’t been a waste. I’m just ready for a bit more!

Here’s what I jotted down:

2019 a year of action.

1. get finances under control

2. Declutter house

3. Get photos up

4. Fix things in house and personal items such as jewelry

5. Get health check ups for everyone in the family.

To help reach goals quit tv during the day. Start by eliminating 1/2 hr a week.

5 year plan 2019-2024

1. do the above

2. Embrace yoga lifestyle–do yoga 5x/week, become yoga certified, learn gratitude, (see the good in others), Teach yoga at home by pool? , meditate.

3. Plant-based cooking-become better, Instagram page, holiday pies? Write pie book?

4. Fasting- can I become a fasting coach? Nutrition degree?

5. Write a book about my 75 lb weight loss journey with recipes

6. Read this everyday.

Daily plan:



plant based cooking




-declutter/photos/fix things around house


health check ups

misc to do

look into education/certification

A lot of goals but why not shoot for the stars, right?

Today I did pretty good:

Weigh: 157.6 lbs (still holiday high!)

Fast: 18/5.5


Cottage cheese w/ nuts, 2 apples, tea latte

Pickles, coconut water

Coconut cassoulet, salad

Yogurt with berries and nuts

Exercise: 50 mins yoga, walked 6 miles

One thought on “Day 17

  1. Is there a certification in fasting? Fasting coach combined with Yoga certification will be so awesome. I love the sound of your dream :-). And teaching yoga by the pool is lovely!!


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