Day 22

I got the YUNMAI scale and it’s pretty cool. It syncs with your phone app and tells you body fat, bone mass etc. Not sure how accurate it is but it is supposed to be one of the more accurate scales. I was nervous to get on it because for the last couple of years I’ve been using a scale that only tells you how much you’ve lost or gained. So I’m always having to do math in my head to figure out my weight. I was worried that it would say I actually weighed way more than I thought but actually it was about 1 lb less.

Soooo it said my body fat was about 22% which is in the healthy range and actually for my age I shouldn’t really go much lower. My BMI is still high though so I guess I just need to lose some weight but not a lot of fat. I guess just keeping the proportions the same is key. Interesting. It definitely made me feel better though. My visceral fat was in a good range as well so that’s good.

Now I’m just confused on what my weight goal should be and what my plan should be. I swear it changes everyday. I tried for 23/1 today but just got too hungry and ended up at about 21/3. I’m pmsing so it’s to be expected I guess. The problem is I’ve gotten away from clean fasting and the stuff I put in my tea is making me hungry. I don’t really want to go back to black tea though. It’s just not enjoyable. I wish I could have cream but it gives me reflux. Cream doesn’t make me hungry probably because it’s not spiking my insulin. See my conundrum?

Well I guess I have to take it day by day for now…

156.2 lbs


Soy latte w/ stevia x2

Crackers and cheese, grapes, coconut water

2 pieces of sweet potato, ricotta and thyme bake

Several pieces of chocolate

Dry day-yay! Oh and Jon has decided to go vegetarian so I’ve joined him and the girls already were. We are officially a vegetarian household!

Exercise: yoga 30 mins, walked 3 miles

3 thoughts on “Day 22

  1. The thing with BMI is…you shouldn’t be way too concerned with it. I got to know this interesting fact because I was talking to a Personal Trainer who was fit as hell. Very low body fat, very muscular…the Greek God kinds. He told me how BMI depends on total weight vs height. And muscle weighs far more than fat. So because he weighed higher because he was muscular, his BMI was in “obese” range! So, moral of the story, I decided to be bothered only about the body fat %, & visceral fat. Right now I am also taking into account the body weight because I am very overweight. But later on, that will not be the criteria. If you are already at a good body fat %, all you need to do is tone up. You might end up increasing a muscle weight from the toning…and that is great, because then gaining fat weight is more difficult, and you remain healthy. Your body fat % will go down further just because the % of muscle weight in your body is higher. And that is all great! I love my Yunmai scale. I’m sure the measurements are not 100% accurate. But we just need to get the approx and see that the progress is towards the right direction. I find it very motivating to see those numbers.


      1. Wow!! Visceral fat is only 9??? That is my dream!! You are doing perfect Linda!! So that’s why you are not losing weight…because you are already at the correct weight. My visceral fat is at 18. 9 is A M A Z I N G!! Yes, yoga is the way for you. You need to post your success story girl! What was your highest weight…dress size, pictures etc, and the new weight, dress size, pictures. Celebrate! Also, if you are open to it, think about getting interviewed by Kayla for the success stories. Now OMAD is just maintenance for you. Well done my friend! I will celebrate the day I get to 9 visceral fat.

        Oh, and one more thing about the scale — I don’t know if you already read in the booklet — but make sure you wipe the contact points on the scale with wet paper or something. When it is wet it gives more accurate readings.

        Congratulations Linda!! You will be inspiring people now ❤


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