Day 2

(Big Bear Lake 2018)

Today was a little crazy. With the holidays and my girls pre-winter vacation activities there’s just a lot going on and I tend to get overwhelmed easily. My eating was also chaotic but that’s okay.

I had a cookie exchange at 1 o’clock today and I decided to go ahead and eat. Since Kayla and I decided I would just switch to basically a 16/8 on days I have a lunch obligation, I decided to give myself the option to eat if I wanted. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do but once I saw the hostess was serving wine, my decision was made.

(Photo: Hawaii in 2015)

Unfortunately, the day just turned into a snackfest. I ate a lot of cookies, some snacky food but no real meals today. I really don’t enjoy that but it was nice to partake in the social festivities. This has to be sustainable and Dr. Fung always says to make the fasting fit your life, not the other way around so that’s what I’m trying to do. It’s hard right now because my weight is up right. My instinct is to fast extra long and make everything extra hard but that’s likely not to work in the long run so for now patience.



Weight-159.2 lbs (yikes!)

Several cookies, cheese & crackers, glass of wine

Chips, a tamale

Exercise: was a crazy day running around so wasn’t able to find the time.

Day 1

(Photo: Another beautiful sunset in Arizona. )

Today I woke up feeling a bit down. I was sick from overdoing it yesterday and just feeling a little confused regarding my next steps. Then I remembered that Kayla from offered coaching. I actually was lucky enough to meet her recently and she’s just a fantastic person. So I scheduled a coaching session with her and she called me right away.

(Photo: Got to meet Kayla at a local coffee shop while she was here in town.)

I have to say I found the coaching session very worthwhile and am so happy I decided to go ahead with it. Afterwards, I felt much calmer, centered and sure about my plan forward. Kayla helped me come up with a realistic and doable plan and I’m confident I can be consistent with it. Basically we decided to widen my window from 23/1 to 21/3 during the weekdays and to 19/5 on the weekends. This is a plan that feels easy to me which is something Kayla really stresses.

Additionally, we decided if I have a luncheon that I really need to attend, I’d go ahead and eat it but I’d still have dinner as well. In the past I’d try to move my window to lunchtime but feel deprived at dinner which often backfired leading to overeating. I think I’m realizing you have to understand your non-negotiables as well as the areas you have some wiggle room. For example, I realize that I really like having that dinnertime meal and so things like extending fasting, and Alternative day fasting will never be a good solution for me. But since I really like all types of foods, something like carb cycling could be a viable option for me at some point.

Although, for now, I’m just not going to worry too much about the what part of my food and instead focus more on the when. I do feel like I eat fairly healthy but I don’t stress about being perfect with my eating. Not by a long shot. Right now I just need to focus on being consistent and just relaxing into a good routine. I’ll weigh most days to get a weekly average and if after six weeks I’m not losing anything then I will see where I can possibly make some changes. Kayla also reminded me how far I’ve already come and I do think it’s important I try to remember and celebrate that as well.


Weight: 161.4 lbs (highest it’s been in months.)

Fasting: 22/2 (yay!)


Pickles, marinated mushrooms, nuts

Sweet potato stew with rice and fried tempeh, glass of wine

Plain yogurt with blueberries

(Photo: Sweet potato stew with collard greens)

Exercise: walked dogs, cardio for 15 mins, sit-ups & push-ups

It feels really good to be back on track with everything and I’m feeling really good about my new plan. Bring on Day 2! 😁

My OMAD Journey Begins

So I am a 50 year old SAHM to two teenage girls and have always struggled with my weight. Over the last few years I’ve managed to lose 55 lbs, but I still have 20 to go to get to my goal weight of 135 lbs which is the weight I was when I got married 20 years ago. Most recently, I’ve been doing Intermittent Fasting and lost 20 pounds in the last year. Unfortunately, I’ve plateaued for the last 6 months and have been trying to decide how to get the scale moving again.  

(Photo: left top-210 lbs in 2008; middle top-my 50th bday in 2018; left bottom & right pic-153 lbs in October 2018.)

I’ve been very inconsistent so it’s hard to know what’s working and what’s not but I’ve decided to commit to a plan for one year.  After that, if I’m still not losing I can reassess.  Here’s my plan:

  • 21/3 Mon-Friday
  • Saturday & Sunday 19/5
  • Exercise-15 mins of cardio; 5 mins of weights or calisthenics. 
  • Drinks allowed-tea with stevia & Almond milk okay.
  • Food-nothing off limits; no counting of calories, carbs, etc. 
  • Expand window for social events as needed. Just make a plan beforehand and stick with it.
  • Weigh most days & keep a weekly average.

I’m nervous but excited to finally have a set plan. I’ve been all over the place fasting anywhere from 10-45 hours with an average of about 20 hrs/day. My only concern is that my metabolism will adjust and I’ll plateau but I really feel like if I’m patient I’ll be able to ride it out. Tomorrow is day one! 

Here’s what I wrote in my journal earlier today:

“156.6 lbs

Ate a ridiculous amount today. Felt very manic all day. Just no end to the eating and I was all over the place. One minute I’m agreeing to do ADF with this one group of women (on fb), the next I’m thinking about signing up for a coaching session. I really need to stick to a plan for awhile. I’m just so scattered. The good thing about the NoS diet was I always knew what I was doing for the most part.

If this continues I’m going to gain all my weight back. Is this how it starts?

I honestly can’t remember everything I ate today but I do know it started with pancakes and ended with tater tots. 🤦🏼‍♀️

I think I might start a blog about my IF journey to help keep me motivated. “